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California's water agencies look to budget water

File: A dry water spigot.
File: A dry water spigot.
Photo by Steve Dorman via Flickr Creative Commons

As California's severe drought continues, state and local agencies are looking at budgeting water use by creating a daily water allocation for each household.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that under such a scheme, a household would get a certain number of gallons allotted to it for indoor water use and another for outdoor water use.

The amount allocated is calculated using census data, aerial photography and satellite imagery to determine a property's efficient water usage amount. Those using above their designated amount would pay extra.

The Irvine Ranch Water District factors the number of residents, landscaping and medical needs into a household's water budget. In Santa Monica, the City Council votes next month on whether to assign every single-family home with four people an indoor water budget.