Homicide detectives say new clues have surfaced in '09 Station Fire deaths

T-shirt in memory of Firefighters Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones
T-shirt in memory of Firefighters Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones
Brian Watt/KPCC

Officials with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said new leads have surfaced about how the Station Fire was started five years ago this month. The fire, believed to be arson, killed two firefighters. 

Homicide detective Michael Valento said that calls have been coming in during the past week with possible clues and that investigators will be looking into them. Valento would not comment on what the clues were.

Valento confirmed that the investigation is still open and is being treated as a homicide.

Fire captain Tedmund Hall and specialist Arnaldo Quinones were killed on August 30th, 2009, while they were battling the early stages of the Station Fire in the Angeles National Forest. Their vehicle plunged 800 feet into a canyon after flames overwhelmed the area they were trying to protect.

The Station Fire burned for seven weeks before it was extinguished. It charred more than 160,000 acres of forestland and destroyed scores of homes and buildings.

Valento said those with information pertaining to the fire can call the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau at (323)890-5500.