Boy, 3, dies after climbing into hot car in Sylmar

Tord Sollie/flickr Creative Commons

A 3-year-old boy has died after getting locked inside a car in Sylmar.  This happened around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon in the 14400 block of Foothill Boulevard. 

LAPD spokesman Bruce Borihanh tells KPCC the toddler's brother found him. 

"It appears the boy was out in the yard playing by himself when [he] climbed into the car and was unable to get out, was overcome by heat, and by the time his brother found him, he was already unresponsive," Borihanh said.

The toddler was declared dead at a local hospital.

Investigators are still trying to find out how long the boy was inside the scorching hot car. Sylmar had a high of 95 Wednesday. 

Borihahn says the parents were inside the home when this all happened. Police are treating the death as a tragic accident. There's no word yet if the parents will face charges.

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