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San Onofre nuclear plant hit with violation for cutting emergency-response jobs

File: The San Onofre nuclear plant.
File: The San Onofre nuclear plant.
David McNew/Getty Images

Federal regulators say Southern California's San Onofre nuclear power plant violated rules by failing to get approval before eliminating 39 emergency-response jobs after the plant closed last year.

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission report released Friday says the low-level violation stemmed from changes made in the San Onofre plant's emergency plan at a time when it was shedding staff.

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The twin-domed plant was shut down permanently in June. It hadn't produced electricity since January 2012 after a small radiation leak led to the discovery of extensive damage to tubing.

The commission says plant managers failed to obtain required approval from the agency before making the changes.

Operator Southern California Edison says public safety was not affected and the company will submit a revised plan in a few days.