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KPCC's 2014 Public Radio Bracket Madness Round 3! Vote here

Round 3 of KPCC's Public Radio Bracket Madness Round 3!
Round 3 of KPCC's Public Radio Bracket Madness Round 3!
Mike Roe/KPCC

Update: KPCC's Public Radio Bracket Madness is over. Click here to see who won!

It's time for Round 3 of KPCC's bracket madness, and it's coming down to brass tacks. The winners of each of these matches will win their conferences and take that title forward into the semifinals.

The Western conference featured the tightest matchup, with the passionate supporters of "Snap Judgment" edging out "99% Invisible" by a tiny margin. On the other side of this conference, the show that helps you win your social life, "The Dinner Party Download," is going to see if winning at cocktail parties applies to winning at a public radio battle royale.

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In the Central conference, the underdogs of local Chicago show "The Afternoon Shift" put up a valiant battle — including a campaign video that involved renting a horse — but they ended up losing out to the biggest game show in public radio, "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me." Now the Carl Kasell-less "Wait Wait" team have to take on the slightly more serious — but not too serious — "Marketplace" crew. Who's going to win: games and voicemails, or the stock market and stories about how business affects our lives?

In the Upper Northeast, we've got last year's runner-up "Radiolab" going up against Kurt Andersen's "Studio 360." While "Radiolab" has history in its favor, "Studio 360" has been turning it out on social media. Can their fans rally to take them to the final four? These two WNYC-produced shows are facing each other down in the battle that's turned the WNYC hallways icy.

Finally, in the Lower Northeast, it's "Fresh Air" up against "Weekend Edition Saturday." Which do you prefer: The signature long, in-depth interviews of "Fresh Air," or the magazine-style approach to the news of the day and the week from "Weekend Edition Saturday"?

Voting is open until Wednesday, March 26 at 5 p.m. There are two ways to vote:

Here's the schedule for the rest of the tournament:

Root for your favorites in the comments or tweet about them with hashtag #KPCCMadness!






Correction: An earlier version of this post stated "99% Invisible" had edged out "Snap Judgment" in the third round.