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Asian-Americans protest Jimmy Kimmel after 'kids table' skit says 'kill everyone in China'

Jimmy Kimmel Kids Table makes inappropriate remark.
Jimmy Kimmel Kids Table makes inappropriate remark.
Zhang Han (via YouTube)

Asian-Americans and their supporters are rallying Saturday at ABC headquarters in Burbank. They're asking the network to suspend or fire late-night talk host Jimmy Kimmel after he aired a skit they found offensive. 

The skit shows Kimmel in a roundtable discussion with young children. He tells the kids that America owes China a lot of money and asks them how the US should pay the Chinese back. One boy says "kill everyone in China," and Kimmel leads a brief conversation in which he tries to steer the kids away from the idea. 

Do you find this offensive?

Kimmel and ABC have apologized for the skit. But Tian Wang of Diamond Bar says that's not enough.

"He did not admit that he was wrong. All he said was I'm sorry if you feel that way. I'm sorry if I offended you.  That doesn't make it right. He has to come out and say that it was wrong and it was uncalled for and he will never do that again," Wang told KPCC.  

In response to the Kimmel segment, a new video explaining why America shouldn't kill everyone in China has gone viral on the Chinese Internet. It's garnered about 16.5 million views on Youku.

Undying Chinese

KPCC reached out to ABC Saturday. It  did not respond when asked to comment.