MAP: The most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles

A crosswalk rendering.
A crosswalk rendering.
rendering via Meléndrez

Los Angeles has a higher rate of car accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists than the rest of the nation — pedestrians account for about a third of all traffic fatalities and about 3 percent of bicycle fatalities.

The city of L.A.  says it is taking steps to make 53 dangerous intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists. As a first step, the city will install "continental crosswalks" — aka "zebra crossings" — that provide increased visibility for pedestrians.

We've asked our readers to identify areas that they think are dangerous for pedestrians and have mapped those locations alongside intersections that the city of Los Angeles considers dangerous.

Are they the same? Check out our interactive map of the most dangerous intersections in L.A., and share with us what intersections you find the most dangerous.

The national average of pedestrian-involved fatalities is 11.4 percent and about 1.7 percent of the fatalities were bicyclists nationally, according to a study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.