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Amber Alert: Suspect in Idaho shootout fired rifle before being shot (Video)

California authorities revealed that Hannah Anderson was under
California authorities revealed that Hannah Anderson was under "extreme duress" from the time she abducted and didn't learn that her mother and brother were killed until she was rescued Saturday. She is at home recovering with family.
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Timeline of events

Update 3:18 p.m.: Suspect in Idaho shootout fired once or twice

California authorities say a man suspected of abducting a 16-year-old family friend after killing her mother and younger brother opened fire once or twice with a rifle before he was killed by FBI gunfire in the Idaho wilderness.

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said Monday that Hannah Anderson was under "extreme duress" from the time she abducted. She didn't learn that her mother and brother were killed until she was rescued Saturday.

Gore says the girl is recovering with family in San Diego.

Hannah's father, Brett Anderson, says his daughter faces a long recovery. He thanked the horseback riders who reported seeing them to the authorities.

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Update 11:37 a.m: Rescued teen reunited with father, didn't know about family deaths

The 16-year-old girl who was abducted last week and rescued in Idaho has returned to California with her father, and it was revealed Monday that she had not been aware her mother and brother were killed.

FBI spokesman Jason Pack told the Associated Press that Hannah Anderson was reunited with her father, Brett Anderson, on Sunday at a hospital in Boise.

The girl was flown to Boise hours after two teams of FBI agents rescued her and shot and killed her abductor, 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio, at their camp near an alpine lake in the Idaho wilderness Saturday.

DiMaggio is also believed to have killed Anderson's mother and brother at his home outside of San Diego, but the girl was not aware they were dead as he drove her across several states and into the Idaho wilderness, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore told the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

Gore also told the Times that Anderson was being held "under duress" by DiMaggio, the first definitive indication that she was taken against her will.

Pack did not provide details on Hannah Anderson's health.

Family members have said the fact that DiMaggio was killed is "fitting." Sara Britt, Anderson's maternal grandmother, told reporters in a video from NBC 7 that she was relieved her granddaughter won't have to deal with anything in court.


Aug. 4: Authorities near San Diego find the burned bodies of 42-year-old Christina Anderson and a child after extinguishing flames at James Lee DiMaggio's rural home. An Amber Alert is issued for Anderson's two children, Hannah, 16, and Ethan, 8.

Aug. 7: Oregon state police say there was a possible sighting of DiMaggio's blue Nissan Versa in northeast California near the city of Alturas.

Aug. 7: Shortly after the sighting near Alturas, Calif., the Nissan is spotted again 50 miles away along the same highway near Lakeview, in south-central Oregon.

Aug. 9: Idaho authorities locate the car belonging to the suspect at a trailhead near Cascade, Idaho. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore also said that a man on horseback reported seeing two people matching the description of the suspect and girl near Morehead Lake about eight miles inside the boundary of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. The rider reports the girl appeared healthy and was not being held against her will.

Aug. 9: A coalition of local, state and federal law enforcement teams begin combing a 300-square-mile area of the rugged, remote wilderness area. The search is initially done on foot. Explosive teams, initially concerned DiMaggio may have rigged his car with explosives, conclude there is no risk.

Aug. 9: Authorities in California positively identify the child's body found in the fire as that of the teen's younger brother, Ethan.

Aug. 10: More law enforcement teams are dispatched to Cascade to help in the search. Police also set up a series of checkpoints at trailheads throughout the area and question other hikers leaving the wilderness area.

Aug. 10: Authorities report that DiMaggio and the teen were spotted from the air at a campsite near Morehead Lake. DiMaggio was killed in the shootout; Anderson was rescued unharmed and taken to a hospital.

Aug. 10: FBI agents release few details of the encounter with DiMaggio, citing policy to investigate all details before, during and after any encounter when an agent fires a weapon.

Aug. 11: Anderson is reunited with her father, Brett Anderson, at a hospital in Boise.