POLL: Long Beach to consider silencing ice cream trucks

The Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck - Los Angeles CA
The Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck - Los Angeles CA
David Berkowitz (cc by-nc-nd)

The sounds of summer may soon be quieter in Long Beach if its city council approves a recommendation Tuesday to silence parked ice cream trucks. 

Councilman Dee Andrews, of the city's 6th District, is slated to introduce the agenda item. 

According to the council's agenda: 

Recommendation to request that the City Council direct the City Attorney to amend the Long Beach Municipal Code Section 5.51.060, to require Ice Cream Trucks to comply with the noise ordinance and that when an Ice Cream Truck is parked and dispensing ice cream, no amplified music shall be broadcast and report back to the City Council within 30 days.

Andrews says his office has received many complaints and wrote in a proposal letter to Mayor Bob Foster that "most of the trucks are reported to make several trips on the same route while playing shrill music for 30 to 45 minutes," reports NBC4.  

Long Beach isn't the first to consider silencing ice cream trucks. Cities such as Santa Clara, Santa Ana, Fullerton and Anaheim have passed similar laws, Deputy City Attorney Amy Webber told the Press-Telegram

What do you think? Are ice cream trucks a nuisance in your neighborhood?