Advocates call for an investigation by public health officials into 2 meningitis deaths in Los Angeles County

Brett Shaad
Brett Shaad
Photo via Facebook

Southern California health advocates are calling on health officials to investigate two meningitis deaths from December.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said Tuesday the deaths of two 30-year-old men should be investigated for connections to the bacterial meningitis that killed 33-year-old Brett Shaad Saturday.

Public health officials would not confirm the cases, though one of them was announced by San Diego State University, where one of the men was a graduate student.

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Weinstein says his organization has provided more than 1,000 free meningitis vaccines and challenged LA County to do more.

Shaad's case brought warnings from West Hollywood officials to sexually active gay men to beware of the threat.

It's unknown if cases here are related to a strain that has killed seven men in New York since 2010.