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March Madness: Brackets make public radio shows get cutthroat

Public Radio March Madness: Which is YOUR favorite?
Public Radio March Madness: Which is YOUR favorite?
Mike Roe/KPCC

Here at KPCC, we're public radio fans too. So we could feel included in the March Madness too, we built a public radio bracket pitting our favorite shows against one another.

Little did we know it would lead to all-out Twitter war.

Here is but a sampling of the public radio trash talk our friendly competition has inspired.

Our friends at the Dinner Party Download put together their own Storify with even more smack talk between their show and Snap Judgment. KPCC's John Rabe even wrote this rallying cry for his fans to support Off-Ramp.

As an FYI for how our bracket was set up: We went with KPCC's entire slate of programming, plus bonus contestants drawn from Twitter suggestions, other locally produced shows and one that includes numerous Southern California performers (what's up, Wits?).

We originally wrote a 64-show version that spanned an even greater public radio expanse, but didn't know how many of you would get so passionate about these choices — perhaps something to try next year?

There's still time to vote in the first round; click here to vote in Round One's polls.

Comment below with your own public radio trash talk, along with any other comments on KPCC's public radio brackets.