Metro's new express lanes set to open next month along the 10 Freeway

L.A. Metro announced Thursday that new express lanes are set to open on Feb. 23 to curb traffic congestion along the 10 Freeway. The lanes will span 14 miles between Downtown L.A. and the 605 Freeway.

Metro spokesman Rick Jager said officials hope the new lanes will mirror the success of those opened last November along the 110 Freeway. 

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“The volume of people using the express lanes continues to increase," Jager said. "The trips being taken by solo drivers is basically around 38 percent with carpoolers making up the rest.”

Through Metro’s one-year demo program, solo drivers can use the express lanes as long as they pay a toll through a transponder that must be purchased. Tolls range from 25 cents to $1.40 a mile, depending on traffic. Carpool drivers can use the lanes as usual with no fee, though a transponder is required. Metro said about 80,000 people have registered transponders so far in L.A. County. 

Metro's  Express Lanes are part of a one year demonstration project with Caltrans.