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American Airlines gives layoff notices to nearly 1,100 California workers

American Airlines said it planning to cancel 300 flights nationwide.
American Airlines said it planning to cancel 300 flights nationwide.
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American Airlines told nearly 1,100 California workers that they could be losing their jobs.

The airline said today it had sent layoff notices to the workers as it continues to restructure its business in bankruptcy court.

“American Airlines has worked to lower costs through sustainable, structural changes,” said spokesman Bruce Hicks in a statement. “Unfortunately, it was clear from the beginning that this would involve job loss.”

American Airlines said nationally, 11,800 people were given layoff notices. Those workers hold various positions, including baggage handlers and airport agents.

It’s possible not all workers will lose their jobs. The airline said it is offering buyouts and options to work from home and is working with unions on other ways to reduce the number of layoffs.

Hicks said to “expect the ultimate impact on jobs will be far less than the number of those notified.”

American, based in Fort Worth, TX, also said it is canceling 300 flights nationwide because pilots have filed more maintenance reports and are taking more sick leave. Today, two flights out of Los Angeles International Airport were cancelled out of 88 flights total, said American Airlines spokeswoman Mary Frances Fagan.

The Allied Pilots Association, which represents 10,000 American Airlines pilots, said based on its tracking, pilots filing for sick leave have been in line with what’s been filed in the past. The group said there have been more maintenance reports because a large number of mechanics have been furloughed, a maintenance facility was closed and fewer spare parts are available.

“APA members are experienced professionals who conduct themselves as professionals under whatever circumstances they encounter,” the union said in a statement. “Any negative impact on our airline’s operational integrity is of management’s own making.”