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Southern California comes in first place in energy-efficient buildings

Energy Star plaque
Energy Star plaque
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We’re number one! In energy efficiency, that is. Once again, Southern California has more energy-efficient buildings than anywhere else in the country.

This is the fourth straight year the Los Angeles metropolitan area has taken the Environmental Protection Agency’s top spot for the most Energy Star-certified buildings.

Energy Star certification typically goes to office buildings, schools and stores that use, on average, a third less energy than standard buildings.

Beyond L.A., California as a whole is greener than most states: six of the 25 cities on the list are in the Golden State.

The EPA says the nearly 1,000 green buildings, from Santa Monica to Irvine to Riverside and San Diego, save nearly $200 million a year in electric bills. They also cut greenhouse gases equal to that of 12,000 regular homes.