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Injunction imposed on gang with Crips, Bloods connections

Police caution tape
Police caution tape
Photograh by Perfect Pose via Flickr Creative Commons

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A superior court judge granted San Bernardino County authorities a permanent injunction against a gang with deep roots in two of Southern California's most violent street factions.

Former rivals from the Crips and Bloods formed the Hustla Squad Clicc about six years ago.

San Bernardino County authorities say members united in order to monopolize drug and weapons sales in a four square-mile area of west-central Rialto.

The gang injunction restricts the movement and activity of more than 100 documented gang members, including about two dozen juveniles. Hustla Squad members caught loitering, wearing gang insignia or flashing signs within the defined area of the city are subject to arrest.

"For nearly six years, the people of Rialto and the surrounding communities have had to suffer numerous crimes at the hands of a criminal gang known as the Hustla Squad Clicc," said District Attorney Michael A. Ramos at the time the injunction was filed.

"We look forward to working with the Rialto Police Department in ending this gang’s criminal activity and making it possible for the members of this community to live their lives free of fear and violence."

A Hustla Squad member was convicted last year of gunning down a gang rival at a Rialto strip mall. Later that year, police arrested nearly a hundred gang members and associates.

They also confiscated several weapons and large amounts of methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine.