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Sheriff Lee Baca pledges to improve county jails

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.
Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca issued a written pledge to improve the county jail system Sunday. The jails are under an federal investigation for deputy misconduct.

Reports of abuse have also led to complaints from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)that has called for the sheriff's resignation. The ACLU claims that the L.A. County jail system is ruled by fear, corruption and deputy brutality.

Baca said in the statement Sunday he believes in dignity for the incarcerated, and he takes all allegations of excessive force very seriously.

The Sheriff outlined the role of two new task forces that have already been chosen and begun working. One will meet with inmates and jail staff looking to improve conditions, the other will investigate 78 allegations of misconduct in the system.

In addition to the task forces, Baca said he has ordered a complete review of employee performance. The review stretches across the entire system and looks for early warning signs of personell with questionable performance.

As for scrutiny from the ACLU, Baca said he welcomes the scrutiny and will not resign.