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Forum allows SAG and AFTRA members to talk with union officials

Actor Ken Howard
Actor Ken Howard
AFP/Getty Images/Robyn Beck

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Members of Hollywood’s two actors unions – SAG and AFTRA – are working on the tricky details of merging into a single organization. They have an important meeting Tuesday night in Hollywood.

The leaders of SAG and AFTRA have taken small procedural steps towards a merger. And they’ve been on a listening tour to get feedback from the rank and file. The tour returns to Hollywood tomorrow night.

SAG and AFTRA have tried to merge before, in 1998 and in 2003. Both times, AFTRA members voted overwhelmingly for it, but too many SAG members thought it would weaken their guild and voted against it.

But the idea has picked up momentum within SAG in the past two years. SAG President Ken Howard and other leaders were elected on a promise to fight to get the merger deal done.

If the momentum continues, members of SAG and AFTRA could vote again on becoming one union less than a year from now.