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How to prepare for a tsunami, including maps of LA tsunami evacuation routes

Los Angeles, Calif.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Although rare in Southern California, tsunamis can be extremely deadly. All low-lying coastal areas, including the Los Angeles Harbor, Venice and West Los Angeles beaches, are vulnerable. Here are some steps you can take to prepare.

Be informed

Learn the natural warning signs of a tsunami: an earthquake, water receding or surging out to sea, water surging inland and a loud roaring sound coming from the ocean.

When you should evacuate

In the event of a tsunami, Tsunami Watches and Warnings will be issued by NOAA. Radio and TV stations will carry official shoreline evacuation instructions through the Emergency Alert System. A local tsunami may not allow sufficient time to issue a warning. Therefore, swift action is necessary.

If children are in school:

Where you should evacuate to

Follow evacuation instructions. As you evacuate, listen to your car radio or check the Emergency Management Department's Twitter for additional information and updates. Do not call 911. Be sure to take your "Go-Kit."

Interactive tsunami evacuation maps

Below are maps of the three coastal areas – West Los Angeles, Los Angeles Harbor and Venice – that are most vulnerable to tsunamis.

West Los Angeles

View West Los Angeles evacuation map in a larger map

Los Angeles Harbor

View Harbor Area evacuation map in a larger map


View Venice Evacuation map in a larger map

What you should have in a "Go-Kit" in case of an evacuation

At the least, include three days worth of:

Keep the items that you would most likely need for evacuation in a backpack, duffel bag or wheeled cooler in an easily accessible location.