State: Knott's Berry Farm rollercoaster accident was avoidable

BUENA PARK — State inspectors say a rollercoaster accident at Knott's Berry Farm in Orange County could have been avoided if the ride had been inspected more often.

California Occupational Safety and Health says the manufacturer of the Xcelerator, Intamin, is also to blame because it didn't explain how often the ride's launching cables should be inspected.

Cal-OSHA spokesman Dean Fryer says Knott's tried to clarify the inspection schedule, but Intamin never responded.

Last September, a cable on the steel rollercoaster snapped and cut a 12-year-old boy's leg. Another man complained of back pain. At the time, the ride was three weeks overdue for its six-month inspection.

Knott's spokeswoman Michele Wischmeyer says the park will address the state's concerns and comment further on Tuesday.


Information from: The Orange County Register

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