Billboard model Angelyne suing movie companies for copyright infringement

Billboard model Angelyne sued the makers of the movie "Notorious" for copyright infringement in Los Angeles federal court today.

The lawsuit filed today in U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles, contends that Fox Searchlight Pictures, Bad Boy Films and State Street Pictures knowingly used one of Angelyne's billboards in a 12-second shot in the 2009 film about the life and death of rapper Biggie Smalls.

"At no time has Angelyne authorized any of the defendants to reproduce, adapt or distribute any image containing her copyrighted billboard for use in the `Notorious' motion picture," according to the complaint.

As a result of the billboard's use in the film, Angelyne claims she has suffered "loss of reputation and standing in the community," the lawsuit contends.

The suit seeks not less than $100,000 in damages.