Who got your vote for LA County Sheriff?

Susanica Tam/For KPCC

Alex Villanueva’s long shot victory over incumbent L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell in November surprised experts. Villanueva was a retired lieutenant with no experience in the top command. But he won over a majority of voters with promises to reform the department, which has serious problems ranging from racial profiling to a shortage of deputies.
This is an important time for the sheriff's department and its new leader.
The LASD is huge. It patrols 141 unincorporated communities, 42 cities, 9 community colleges and provides bailiffs in all 37 county courthouses. The sheriff also operates LA's jail system, which has about 18,000 inmates. (About 1/3 of all inmates have a mental illness, so the jails are almost like hospitals too.) 
KPCC Public Safety Correspondent Frank Stoltze wants to hear from residents about how they voted in the L.A. County Sheriff race. We’ll read every response, but nothing is shared without your permission.