Have you or your kids experienced hateful speech or treatment at school?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hate crimes in primary and secondary schools have been on the rise in California and nationwide, according to state and FBI data. We've seen hate propaganda left on and around local college and high school campuses. There have been disturbing incidents recently of local teenagers giving the Nazi salute. Newport Harbor High School students at a party gave the salute over a makeshift swastika made out of plastic cups. After that incident, other Newport Harbor students spoke of seeing swastikas carved into desks and bathroom stalls. Some Jewish students talked about having been mocked by fellow students for their faith. 

Have you, or your children, experienced hateful speech or treatment based on your race, ethnicity, or faith? Have you seen hate symbols at schools? Have you been bullied or subjected to verbal taunts by fellow students, or attacked physically? We want to hear from you. We’ll read every response, but nothing is shared without your permission.