Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Public Insight Network®?

It's a group of people who share their experiences and insights with the KPCC newsroom.

Who is in the Network?

Anyone (age 13 and older) who is willing to share what they know.

Why is KPCC building the Public Insight Network®?

Our mission, to provide the highest quality news and information, means we will serve Southern California with original news reporting and vibrant in-the-know local talk shows. But we cover a vast region with a small group of journalists.

You are the missing link.

When you sign up for the Public Insight Network® and share what you know, you point us to issues that might not be on our radar. You are a frontline witness to life here in Southern California -- the public safety, politics, housing, social movements, schools, culture -- and your insights can help shape our news agenda.

Our reporting is more relevant when we tap the knowledge of hundreds, even thousands, of people in the Public Insight Network®. It's your open line to our newsroom.

How do I sign up?

Visit our online sign-up page to tell is about yourself and your expertise. Or you can respond to questions.

What happens next?

You'll get about one e-mail a month asking questions about your life and the news. Give as much or as little information as you're comfortable sharing. A reporter or producer might follow up with a call.

You can answer other questions at our Public Insight Network® page.

Got a great story idea? Share it here.

Who reads the information I share?

All responses go to KPCC public engagement editor Ashley Alvarado. She reads every response and shares relevant information with reporters, editors and producers who are covering your topic. Reach her with your comments, questions and story ideas at or call 626-583-5292.

Through KPCC's relationship with American Public Media, you may also receive requests to help with stories on national programs such as Marketplace, Speaking of Faith and American Radio Works.

Will my information be public?

We won't quote you on the radio or web without your permission. Your information is private and securely stored. It is not shared outside a small group of journalists who agree to maintain its confidentiality. Here is the privacy policy for the Public Insight Network®.

Why do you ask for information about me?

We want to send you questions that match your interests.

The more you tell us about your job, your interests and your life, the better we can direct relevant questions your way.

Also, we want the Public Insight Network® to mirror the diversity of Southern California. When we know more about the people who are in the Network, we can better target our outreach to fill in the gaps.

Only answer what you're comfortable sharing with the newsroom. Remember, nothing is aired or published without your permission.

Do I have to join KPCC to be in the Public Insight Network®?

No. Being a news source for KPCC is a separate activity from being a member, underwriter or volunteer. You can sign up to be a news source without being a member of the radio station. We keep information provided by our news sources separate from any membership records. Also, information provided by a news source is treated completely confidential, and is used only for reporting purposes.? Of course, we recognize that someone who is a news source may also be a member of the station and vice versa. After you sign up as a news source, we give you the option to learn more about the other programs at KPCC, whether it's volunteering, receiving station updates or becoming a member of our book club. Choosing to participate in these activities is purely optional, and has no effect on the strict confidentiality with which we handle information you share with us as a news source for KPCC. You will get no unsolicited e-mail from KPCC as a result of signing up for the Public Insight Network®. For specifics, read the privacy policy and terms of use.

Will someone from KPCC come speak to my organization about the Public Insight Network®?

We're very interested in connecting with groups throughout our coverage area. If you represent a group of people who want to hear about the Public Insight Network®, or if you are planning a community event where we might meet lots of people, please contact Ashley Alvarado at for details. 

May I circulate your questions on my blog or social network?

Absolutely yes! Feel free to grab the links to any of our questions and circulate them on your own social networks and audiences.

How do I leave the network?

You can leave the network here.