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Amid Massive Hospital Sell-Off, Corporate Giant Continues Suing Patients

| As Community Health Systems has downsized, what remain are like zombie hospitals – little more than legal entities still taking patients to court even though the new owners don't sue.

The Delta Variant Will Drive A Steep Rise In U.S. COVID Deaths, A New Model Shows


New estimates show the U.S. is on track to see a big rise in cases and more than triple the number of deaths by October.

Public Health Experts Call On CDC To Change Its Mask Guidance


The agency argues that vaccinated people are safe without masks. But the guidance leaves room for plenty of unvaccinated people to mingle dangerously, and many argue this is fueling case surges.

Worried About Breakthrough COVID Cases? Here's What To Know


Fully vaccinated Olympic athletes and members of Congress have tested positive for the virus. Should you be worried? How common are breakthrough infections, and are they rising?

Athletes At The Tokyo Olympics Are Being Given Condoms, And Warnings Not To Use Them


Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics ordered 160,000 condoms to be handed out to athletes in the Olympic Village. Under COVID-19 protocols, athletes are technically banned from using them.

Contraception Is Free To Women, Except When It's Not


The Affordable Care Act requires most insurers to cover a comprehensive list of FDA-approved birth control methods at no cost. But insurers often make it hard for women to get the products they want.

U.S. Life Expectancy Fell By 1.5 Years In 2020, The Biggest Drop Since WWII


The CDC says COVID-19 was the largest factor, along with drug overdoses, homicides, diabetes and chronic liver disease. The decline was even greater for Hispanic men than other groups.

Justice Department Blasts Purdue Pharma's Bankruptcy Plan


Two divisions of the DOJ filed briefs Monday arguing the deal improperly shelters members of the Sackler family and their associates from liability.

How To Heat-Proof Your Summer Workout


With much of the U.S. already sweltering this summer, even avid runners, hikers and bikers are wilting. We've got 10 strategies from experts on how to enjoy hot weather exercise without keeling over.