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How We Adapt: Climate Change on the West Coast with Marketplace

Thursday, July 29, 2021, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Marketplace climate change event key


Climate change is the mother of all disruptions. As the West Coast grapples with its impacts—from drought igniting wildfires, to sea level rise inundating coastal areas—how are communities and businesses adapting?

Molly Wood, host of Marketplace’s ‘How We Survive,’ moderates a conversation with journalists from public radio stations in Seattle, Portland, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Southern California about the boldest and most thoughtful solutions coming from their regions.

What policies and emerging technologies may help us stem rising global temperatures and their most severe outcomes? What green solutions are poised to create the industry giants of the next decade? What innovations are enticing investors to fund climate change projects? How are communities, industry, the public sector working together—or at odds—to turn things around? The panel will address these regional concerns, along with audience questions, together as they explore the future of climate adaptation.


Sharon McNary, KPCC

Ezra David Romero, KQED

Reporter TBD, KUOW

Jes Burns, OPB

Molly Wood, Marketplace’s ‘How We Survive’ (moderator)

Co-Presented by KPCC, KQED, KUOW, OPB, and American Public Media.

Fires. Mudslides. Heat waves. What questions do you need answered as you prepare for the effects of the climate emergency?