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Prop 16 and Affirmative Action: A Voter Game Plan Event

Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Since 1996, Proposition 209 has prohibited  the state from considering race, ethnicity and gender in hiring and contracting for all government-run institutions, and for admissions to public universities. Proposition 16 on the ballot this November would repeal it. 

Heightened tensions about the role of public institutions in addressing racial inequality gave rise to both measures. Anti-Latino and anti-immigrant sentiments paved the road to Prop 209’s success. 

Supporters of Prop 16 argue that Prop 209 has kept Latinos and African Americans from having full access to public institutions such as universities. Opponents say Prop 16 would open the door to preferential treatment based on race, gender or ethnicity. 

On Wednesday, September 23, KPCC/LAist Higher Education correspondent Adolfo Guzman-Lopez hosted a virtual event featuring a live conversation with guest experts exploring the pros and cons of Proposition 16, impartial analysis of the measure, and a range of perspectives on the issue.

Guests included:

Cecilia Estolano, Vice Chair of the Board of Regents, University of California 

Gail Heriot, Professor of law, University of San Diego 

Lourdes Morales, Principal Fiscal & Policy Analyst, California Legislative Analyst's Office 

Eva Paterson, Co-chair, Yes on 16 campaign; President of Equal Justice Society  

Richard Sander, Professor of law, UCLA 

Tony Guan, board member, Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation and founder of