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Texas Man Sentenced To 20 Years For Hospice Fraud Scheme

Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty Images
| Thousands of Texas patients with long-term diseases like Alzheimer's were falsely told they had just six months to live. Rodney Mesquias and others were convicted last year.

Ex-Houston Police Officer Charged In Attack Over Bogus Election Fraud Plot


Former police captain Mark Anthony Aguirre was paid $266,400 by the right-wing Liberty Center for God and Country to investigate an alleged ballot fraud scheme in Harris County, Texas.

Former Fashion Executive Peter Nygard Charged With Sex Trafficking


Nygard, the former CEO of the Canada-based Nygard International, was arrested in Winnipeg on Monday on a U.S request for extradition.

Minnesota Commutes Life Sentence Of Man Convicted As Teen Of Shooting 11-Year-Old


Myon Burrell's release at age 34 comes after reports uncovered major flaws in the police investigation that led to his life sentence at 17.

Former U.S. Marine Found Guilty Of Trying To Smuggle Firearms Into Haiti


Jacques Yves Sebastien Duroseau, 34, was found guilty of five counts related to gun smuggling charges. Court filings say he wanted to "train the Haitian police, and run for president of Haiti."

Prosecutor Removed In Case Involving Couple Who Brandished Guns At BLM Protesters


A judge in St. Louis ruled that in sending fundraising emails seeking re-election, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner raised jeopardized Mark McCloskey's right to a fair trial.

Supreme Court Says Muslim Men Can Sue FBI Agents In No-Fly List Case


The case – Tanzin v Tanvir — involved three Muslim men who said their religious-freedom rights were violated when FBI agents tried to use the no-fly list to force them into becoming informants.

Militia Group Leader Guilty Of Minnesota Mosque Pipe Bomb Attack


Following the conviction, prosecutors said Michael Hari's goal in bombing the Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center in 2017 "was to spread hatred" and "instill fear" in the community.

Arizona Man Sentenced For Role In Neo-Nazi Plot Targeting Journalists


Johnny Roman Garza, 21, pleaded guilty in September to conspiring with three other members of a group called the Atomwaffen Division to identify and threaten journalists and activists.