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KPCC begins life at Mohn Broadcast Center

My coffee maker’s home for a long overdue vinegar cleaning, so there’s Winchells coffee in my screw-top mug this morning. It has to be a screw-top mug because paper coffee cups with plastic push-on lids are verboten in our new studios – something you should know if you ever visit.

This is my third morning in our new studios after two test runs over the past couple weeks. (Did you notice?) But today, there’s no going back to Pasadena City College. Ever.

Larry Mantle told me yesterday morning that he felt pretty emotional about it, but excited, too, at prospects of a KPCC where we’re reunited with colleagues. Half our staff (reporters, administration, underwriting, HR) has worked from space on Figueroa in Los Angeles, sharing space with Marketplace. Half of us were in Pasadena.

Personally, I suspect I’m about to meet people who’ve been with us for years.

Yesterday, I posted the following to my personal blog:

For the past 9 years and 5 months, I’ve driven to work in the dark, pulled into the northeast parking lot of Pasadena City College, backed into a space near the loading bay, and walked to my desk in the Media Center.

I put my keys in a drawer, lined my coffee maker with a #4 filter, scooped in some half-decaf, and carried the water basket down the hall.

Last summer, my doctor said he wanted me to eat two hardboiled eggs every morning, so I would crack away the shells and fill the water basket, return to my desk and get the coffee going.

This ritual changes tomorrow.

Today is KPCC’s last day occupying studios on the campus of Pasadena City College. The last time I’ll put a gold key into the back door. The last time I’ll type on this keyboard. The last time I’ll crane to watch CNN or Channel 5 on a TV that’s a little too high on a wall that’s a little too close. It’s the last time I’ll wipe the dust off this monitor – and the other monitor where I look at traffic sites. It’s the last time I’ll see… all of this.

I’ll still drive to work in the dark, crack eggs and make coffee, but I’ll do it at our new facility on Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, the Mohn Broadcast Center.

Talk about an improvement in real estate. You may hear a difference – we seem to sound crisper from there. Maybe it’s just being a half block from Jones Coffee. Tests to follow.

THURSDAY: So, now, I blog during Morning Edition from studios in a two-story building that’s all KPCC. Is it perfect? It’s fantastic, but not perfect. I’m still waiting for a digital clock that I can see while I’m reading, a chair that’s high enough for the elevated desktop, a pushpin to hang a calendar, and the ability to operate the two TVs in here independently. (Don’t buy two identical TVs and expect your remotes to work. And, if you’re curious, I have CNN on the bottom screen and a Spanish-language infomercial above. Guess which one I’m watching.) That said, we’re here for the long haul. Welcome. Comment, please.