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Singer/Songwriter Makes a Musical Donation to KPCC

I received an email from Anny Celsi offering her latest tune, “Christmas in the Pines.”   Celsi is no stranger to KPCC.  A few years back, Anny offered to help out in production while I was serving as a foreman on a murder trial.  In addition, she produces the Sandra Tsing Loh, “Loh Down On Science” series as well as, “The Loh Life” series.

 It’s always a pleasure to hear Anny perform around Los Angeles.  First time I attended one of her concerts, I was impressed with songs from her “Little Black Dress” CD.   “No matter what life throws at you, you’ve got to put on your little black dress and keep going.  The woman in these songs can change a tire in that dress if she has to.  And she’ll still look good, and she won’t spill her martini, either,” to quote Celsi.

Anny has been described as having a "beatnik cool" feel and a storyteller’s eye for detail while expanding her musical landscape, with influences ranging from The Byrds to Burt Bacharach.  Thank you, Anny Celsi, for donating an original song to Southern California Public Radio.  On behalf of the KPCC production department, your song has been paired with the Savory Spice Shop underwriting spot airing this weekend, Dec 18-19, 2010.  For more information on Anny Celsi and her music, here are some links: 




 (Audio clip is an underwriting spot for Savory Spice Shop.  Announcer is SCPR VO talent, Hettie Lynne Hurtes.