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Corella Ballet Castilla y León - Dance At The Music Center

As diverse as the music scene is in Los Angeles, all the more interesting it makes for my day here in Studio G at the Mohn Broadcast Center.  I worked on an underwriting spot for the upcoming performances of Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon.  The sheer grace and beauty of ballet was a welcomed departure from some of the usual production elements I assemble.  I searched for the production music bed for this spot and found American Ballet Theatre principal dancer, Angel Corella on You Tube. Ballet has particular powers of athletic dazzle that has always impressed me. When dance is responsive to music, and brings energy and celebrates movement and releases human expressiveness, it can touch my soul. That is how it felt watching this ballet company.

Quickly emerging as one of the most vibrant ballet companies performing today, Corella Ballet Castilla y León features celebrated dancers from around the world. Founded by American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Ángel Corella, (http://www.angelcorella.org/home2.html)  Corella Ballet's repertoire includes works by some of the most exciting and renowned choreographers. Only their second appearance in North America, the company will present two captivating programs at the Music Center. Los Angeles audiences will experience Soleá choreographed by famous flamenco dancer and choreographer María Pagés and performed by Ángel and Carmen Corella, DGV and For 4 by the prolific Christopher Wheeldon, Bruch Violín Cocerto Nº 1 by the award-winning Clark Tippet, and Clear by the gifted Stanton Welch. This ballet company will be performing November 5-7 at Dance at the Music Center.  For schedule information, http://www.musiccenter.org/cal/events/.


(The Audio Clip is an excerpt of music from the You Tube video, Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon featuring SCPR voice talent, Rita Pardue.)