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Maven's Morning Coffee: Shootings in South LA, a vacancy on the Coastal Commission, the only debate in the governor's race

South L.A. shootings in just the last week have left five dead and 10 wounded.
South L.A. shootings in just the last week have left five dead and 10 wounded.
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Today is Friday, Sept. 5, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


This past week, South L.A. experienced a rash of shootings that left five dead and 10 wounded, reports the Los Angeles Times. "For it to be so violent so fast, it's shocking and scary. The young people are excited and they're ready to go to war. We're talking and they're not listening," one gang intervention worker told The Times.

A Daily News editorial suggests that Mayor Eric Garcetti's minimum wage proposal should be tied to business tax reform. "Improving economic conditions will require a full, public debate about more than the minimum-wage law. Mayor Garcetti’s proposal should start a wide-ranging discussion of what the city can do to lift both workers and employers," according to the piece.

Republican Neel Kashkari knocked Gov. Jerry Brown's public policy priorities in the only debate of the 2014 governor's race, according to the Sacramento Bee. "Kashkari, seeking to undermine Brown’s narrative of a mended state, placed blame for California’s high poverty and unemployment rates on the governor. He also faulted Brown for a public school system that is among the worst-performing by national math and reading standards," according to the newspaper.

A new Field Poll finds just 34 percent of voters approve of the state Legislature, reports the Sacramento Bee.

An effort to keep Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia on the Coastal Commission failed Sunday and now 15 candidates have been recommended to take his spot, reports the Los Angeles Register. "The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recommended 11 city leaders, including two from Manhattan Beach and Malibu for the spot ... In Orange County, the Board of Supervisors recommended four people from San Clemente, Aliso Viejo, Seal Beach and Stanton to fill the position," per the newspaper.

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