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Maven's Morning Coffee: Cost of the downtown streetcar, a Q&A with LAPD Chief Beck, sentencing day for Rod Wright

Image depicting a proposed streetcar to run in downtown L.A.
Image depicting a proposed streetcar to run in downtown L.A.

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Today is Wednesday, Sept. 3, and here is what's happening in Southern California politics:


Developer Rick Caruso supports Mayor Eric Garcetti's minimum wage proposal via Twitter. The Daily News reports apparel manufacturers are threatening to leave the city if the wage increase takes effect. "Unlike restaurants, which can charge more for meals to offset the higher wages, manufacturers will have a harder time asking department stores such as Nordstroms to pay more for their clothing lines," according to the piece.

A downtown streetcar could be built for $270 million, reports the Los Angeles Times. Even at that price tag, the project would face a budget shortfall. Councilman Jose Huizar hopes to make up the difference with a public-private partnership.

Los Angeles Times writer Patt Morrison does a Q&A with police Chief Charlie Beck. "As you work your way through the ranks of the Police Department, most of that leadership you practice is internal. When you go to chief, the biggest step is to external leadership. They take different skills," Beck says.

The Sacramento Bee's Dan Walters writes that the state Legislature's marathon meeting at the end of the session is a "time-dishonored ritual." "Having hundreds of bills, close to half of the Legislature’s annual output, handled on one final day creates confusion and thus an opportunity for bills that might not survive the normal process to make it to the governor’s desk," he writes.

State Sen. Rod Wright is expected to be sentenced today, reports Capitol Alert. The politician was convicted of eight felonies for living outside of the district he was elected to represent. Prosecutors want him to spend six months in jail.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti will announce the new Hollywood FlyAway at 9:30 a.m.

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