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Mayor Eric Garcetti, Jay-Z to announce concert in Grand Park

Jay Z will be at L.A. City Hall on Wednesday to announce the Made in America Festival.
Jay Z will be at L.A. City Hall on Wednesday to announce the Made in America Festival.
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Rapper Jay-Z and Mayor Eric Garcetti are expected Wednesday to announce the Made in America festival in Grand Park over Labor Day weekend, even though the City Council has yet to approve a festival permit and downtown L.A.'s Councilman, Jose Huizar, has raised concerns about street closures and crowd control.

The announcement at City Hall comes two weeks after the festival's permit application was made public by Huizar. The original application called for some sidewalks and roads around the Civic Center to be closed for as many as 10 days. The concert is expected to attract as many as 50,000 concertgoers — about twice the capacity of Grand Park. 

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Huizar complained that he was not notified by the mayor's office that the event was in the works, even though it would take place in his district. It is typically seen as a professional courtesy  to loop in the council member on major events in their district.

A statement from Huizar's spokesman says he's met with the event organizers once since the concert was made public. He also raised concerns that a public park would be shut down for a ticketed event. 

"Since this is a for-profit, ticketed concert with an alcoholic beverage company as the main sponsor, we have questions over whether that is the best use for Grand Park, the so-called 'people’s park.' If it is, what is the public – that is the city and downtown Los Angeles community – getting in return?" said Rick Coca, a spokesman for the councilman. 

Made in America is sponsored by Budweiser and is expected to benefit the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

Jay-Z and the mayor will be joined Wednesday by council President Herb Wesson and county Supervisor Gloria Molina to announce the concert details.