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Molly Munger to pull TV ad criticizing Gov. Brown's Prop 30 ballot measure

Proposition 38 backer Molly Munger is pulling  a TV ad that attacks Gov. Brown's rival measure.
Proposition 38 backer Molly Munger is pulling a TV ad that attacks Gov. Brown's rival measure.

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The controversial TV ad attacking Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown's measure to restore funding for public education, is reportedly being pulled from the airwaves.

The ad was financed by civil rights attorney Molly Munger, who is pushing her own alternate measure on the November ballot, Prop 38. The ad said the campaign for Gov. Brown’s tax initiative misleads the public about how the tax revenue would be spent.

Munger told a Sacramento TV station that the negative ad will be pulled by Tuesday.

The California PTA, Prop 38’s main supporter, disagreed with the negative tone of Munger’s ad.

“We asked both campaigns to step back and de-escalate and move forward, and that’s what the Prop 38 campaign is doing”  state PTA board member Patty Scripter said Monday.

Prop 38 strategist Nathan Ballard added: "After we ran the comparative ad for a week, we made our point, and now we are moving on to an ad that spells out the benefits of Prop 38."

Prop 30 places new revenue from higher sales and income taxes into a special fund for education. The money counts towards the state’s existing school funding requirements, so it won’t actually boost spending. It will free up state dollars mandated for K-14 to be used on other programs, and it will prevent $6 billion in cuts set to take effect next year. 

Munger’s proposed sliding-scale income tax hike would send funds directly to school boards — out of the reach of Sacramento legislators.

Teachers unions officially back Prop 30. The California PTA is neutral on the measure.

Most education advocates support both measures because the passage of either one will be better for schools than the defeat of both. Should both measures pass, the one that garners the most votes would take effect. Many obervers feared that advertising attack on Prop 30 could take both measures down.

The PTA's Scripter said a new pro-Prop 38 ad is being launched that "talks about what 38 will do and how it will bring substantial new funding to every school in California.”