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Lancaster, a Christian City? And Next, John Yoo

The mayor of the Antelope Valley city of Lancaster has been a guest here before, when the city was the first in these parts to adopt E-Verify, a program to screen who's legally eligible to work in this country. R. Rex Parris came back again; earlier this week, he'd spoken to a group of ministers and talked about Lancaster as ''growing a Christian community.

This really engaged so many of you, and your calls fell on both sides: support for the mayor, and criticism that his remarks were unconstitutional [the ACLU thinks so], or hurtful -- the mayor did say that a Jewish friend of his had told him she felt excluded.

The question of Christian prayers at Lancaster public meetings will be on an April ballot, as will mayor Parris.

Next time, LAUSD superintendent Ramon Cortines for another session of ''Big Man on Campus,'' talking about education in the nation's second-largest school district ... and lawyer and Berkeley law professor John Yoo is here with his new book, the last in his trilogy about executive power. He's the architect of the legal justifications for some of the Bush Administration's actions after 9/11, from Guantanamo to warrantless searches. He's a big thinker but an immensely controversial one.

Today was the program's ''maiden voyage'' from KPCC's new studios in the Mohn Broadcast Center today, and naturally there were a few gremlins -- we'll have them cleared right up for clear radio sailing ahead from within the pale-blue walls of the ''mother ship,'' studio B!