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Echo Park says 'prosit!' to Bedrocktoberfest

Hip-hop titan RZA closes out the festival to a packed audience.
Hip-hop titan RZA closes out the festival to a packed audience.

All the usual trappings are in place: attendants clad in dirndls and lederhosen, beverages aplenty, and a sprightly German man cajoling festival goers to dance and make merry. But the scene takes a new turn for the surreal when you pair that with magic acts, pinball machines, and a performance by RZA. Then again, maybe that’s just how Echo Park does Oktoberfest.

This past Saturday Bedrock.LA, a recording studio and music rental house in Echo Park, hosted their first annual “Bedrocktoberfest.” Conceived by co-founder KamranV and Shelley Leopold of LA Weekly, the event offered a chance for some of the studio’s resident musicians to perform in front of their community.

Vanaprasta, an indie-rock quintet hailing from Silver Lake, kicked off the event with their psychedelia-infused rock tunes and kept the growing crowd dancing through their entire set. Then Liam Finn, who also found a home at Bedrock, debuted new songs highlighting his penchant for soulful, reflective songwriting.

Rounding out the night was headliner RZA, who despite not owing his career to Bedrock.LA still gave a performance that brought the crowd to its feet.

Musical performances took place on a stage behind the studio, complete with a wooden cutout of a German chalet. Gated sections off to the side acted as a small oasis with benches and tables, giving attendees the option to mingle while they partook in that most famous of Oktoberfest traditions: drinking.

Food trucks lining the street, such as Currywurst, provided traditional German fare. The arcade room of the studio housed the magic stage, where German techno DJ and Bedrocktoberfest host Flula introduced each magic act.

Overall the first-time event seemed to be a big success. And though there may not be an influx of Germans to Echo Park anytime soon, don’t be surprised if dirndls and lederhosen start making regular appearances in Echo Park.