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Tonight: Resonars bring 20 years of sunny psychedelic pop to Long Beach

Matt Rendon is a man who lives way out in the desert. There, he and the white Southwestern light write songs together, and while the preferred weasel word for his kind of guitar-playing is "shimmering," with Rendon it's simply blinding. 

He is and has been the sole artist behind the solo-project-sometimes-full-band the Resonars for something like twenty years now, pouring effortlessly beautiful Sunset Strip psychedelic rock a la Love or the Byrds or the West Coast Pop Art Experimental band into this or that homebrew multitracker. It's a revival sound in the sense that it will revive you – yes, you personally – from whatever half-coma you've been in since they cut the guts out of a certain kind of radio. But really Rendon is just happily and naturally fluent in a language you'll recognize and remember it as soon as you hear it. 

The boys at powerhouse Anaheim independent Burger Records respond to this stuff like as if they need its light to survive, and through heartfelt word-of-mouth and a new vinyl reissue, they've been working to help the Resonars meet the wider world. Tonight's Alex's Bar show is the first-ever West Coast appearance for Rendon, who'll have a full band recruited from hometown Tucson backing him. As far as destiny is concerned, he's finally come home.

Openers Toys That Kill are the proud Pedro stalwarts, formed (as the Descendents formed All) after the storied F.Y.P broke up. On one guitar is Todd Congelliere. On the other is Sean Cole, whose songs bend and snap into the unexplored melodic space between Jawbreaker and Thin Lizzy. Between them is the jet engine you expect. Drummer Jimmy and bassist Chachi are the kind of rhythm section you have to nail to the floor. Like Rendon and the Resonars, they've got harmony and melody, too – only this time from the dark end of the street.