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Vidiots Fight For Survival

Vidiots Storefront

Independent stores continue to fight for survival against large chains and internet sales, yet now they aren't going it alone. In fact, some like Santa Monica's Vidiots, are taking the story of their struggle directly to their customers. Last week, owners Cathy Tauber and Patty Polinger sent a heartfelt letter to their past and present clients asking for support: SAVE VIDIOTS!

"After 25 years in this community, we felt we owed to our customers to get the word out before we shut our doors," says Tauber in a press release. "Simply put, to survive, we need their support."

That support came quickly. Upon receiving the letter many customers took the owners up on their suggestions, renting videos as well as Vidiots Annex, the new space created last year for film screenings and classes. More than that, they spread the word on their own Facebook pages and even went so far as contacting local media outlets on behalf of Vidiots.

"We are now sitting down with a variety of people and considering new ideas for our future business model," says Polinger in a press release. Offers and ideas continue to pour in, but Tauber and Polinger know one thing for sure based on the response they've been getting -- never underestimate the impact that personal, independent operations have on our lives today.