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Art Pranksters Stealthily Erect Giant Fork In Road in Pasadena Saturday Morning

I got an email this weekend from occasional Off-Ramp contributor Donna Barnes-Roberts. She writes:

Dear John,

I don't know if you were in Pasadena when there was a building in Old Town with the legend:

"My People are People of the Dessert,” said T.E. Lawrence picking up his fork.

Well, some slightly wacky people up in the unincorporated township called Altadena felt a certain lack in their souls after that mural fell to progress oh so many years ago, and, Saturday morning at about 9:30, erected an 18-foot fork at the fork in the road where Pasadena Ave. divides into two one-way streets. If you go north on Pasadena Ave., from Glenarm, you will see it at the … fork in the road.

And see it before some bureaucrat takes it down -- though it is built sturdily and set in over 400 pounds of concrete. One of the participants was anticipating arrest, though he just turned 75, and didn't actually build it. However, he certainly had a twinkle in his eye when he mentioned “arrest".

The whole thing was a kind of birthday present for Pasadena. In fact, there was a party, and t-shirts were handed out.

This is officially the LARGEST fork in the road, according to one of the participants. Really.

-- Donna

UPDATE RECEIVED TUESDAY: "After doing some additional research, I now know that this is only the largest fork in the road west of the Mississippi. There is a 31-foot metal fork at a fork in the road in New York State. The pranksters are only mildly deflated. Even pranksters need an occasional reality check."

Donna Barnes-Roberts is a painter who teaches the delicate art of water color. She sent the photos above. I’ll post the video as soon as they send it to the YouTube.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY: Pasadena Star-News notices the fork, does some digging, reveals prankster. Best line in story: “It remains to be seen if the city will get the joke.”

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