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Sandra Tsing Loh's mad take on social media, menopause and middle age

If you haven't yet met her, author/performer Sandra Tsing Loh is a regular voice here on KPCC, where her "Loh Down on Science" and "Loh Life" air  regularly. She's also the publisher of a new book, and this weekend she got some bicoastal love from east and west coast papers of record.  (She'll also, just BTW, be at KPCC's Crawford Family Forum Wednesday for a live discussion with KPCC's Shirley Jahad).

Both the L.A. and New York Times devoted major profiles to her and her new book, “The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones.” Both pieces explored her thoughts on menopause, marriage and picking up the kids on time. To both, she sprinkled little bits of madwoman wisdom such as: 

From the L.A. Times Q&A:

Q: You mention that you found a lack of honest, true-to-life literature on the experiences of menopause.

A: Yes, I found a lot of books that say: ‘Just eat more kale, drink lots of water, do your yoga. There was a lot of ‘calm down. And cut out the sugar.’ One theory I might proffer to explain the lack of literature is: As women, we want to say, ‘we never go nuts. It’s never that time of the month.’ We’re afraid that we’re going to set back the advancements we’ve made if we admit certain things.”

Q: What were you most surprised to discover about menopause?

A: Your normal coping mechanisms of ‘I’m going to make a ‘to do’ list, and once I finish my ‘to do’ list I will feel better’ are not going to work anymore.

I mention in the book how therapy does and doesn’t work. Therapists have to give you pretty reasonable advice. But some of the midlife advice you need to hear is: I guess you need to divorce your husband, or have an affair or date a younger man, or go on a cruise or move to Africa.  You might actually need to do something extreme to change your life and a therapist really can’t give you advice that’s not healthy or sensible.”

From the New York Times profile:

“I just joined Twitter,” the writer and performer Sandra Tsing Loh announced into a good old-fashioned microphone. She was deep in the warren of the KPCC-FM public radio station (wall-to-wall carpeting, office kitchen copiously stocked with herbal teas, a sound engineer who keeps bees), recording a segment for ‘The Loh Life,’ one of her two long-running broadcasts here….

“Reading from a printed script, waving her hand for emphasis like a rhythmic gymnast without a ribbon, Ms. Loh described commiserating over her meager number of Twitter followers – close to 300, as of this typing – with some other ‘tech-impaired, middle-aged’ female authors.

“‘It’s like our Twitter feeds are artisanal,’ she said.”

You can catch her live at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum Wednesday (tickets are sold out, but we'll be live-streaming the show with KPCC reporter Shirley Jahad).