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Woodblock is the new cowbell: 'Arrested Development' launches real 'Fakeblock' app

Screenshot via iTunes
Screenshot via iTunes
Screenshot via iTunes

Today in "fake things becoming real," is news that Netflix recently launched an app that cashes in on a joke from Season 4 of "Arrested Development." (Previously, the fictional banana stand from Newport Beach went on actual tour in the real world.)


You can now make "thwunking" sounds aplenty with a free "Fakeblock" app based on the "Arrested Development" Season 4 subplot featuring George Michael's bogus "privacy software" that turns out to be a virtual woodblock.

A road-test of the free app revealed that experimental syncopation (read: spastic tapping) will be rewarded with "Found Item" videos and images that you can share.

The app boasts "life-like stereo wood percussion sounds" and "high-def woodgrain imagery," and some users have continued the joke into the comments, giving winky-face low ratings for lack of mallet options, grain type, diameter hole, etc. 

It's funny because it's true.

Indiewire reports that in a thunder-stealing move, some fake Fakeblock software that's more real than the real one, was released a few days before the official announcement: 

A few days ago, it seems some "AD" devotees launched the website, which plays off the faux concept George Michael Bluth created when his father Michael (Jason Bateman) pushed him for details on the app he and his college roommate were creating. 

They've even developed a Facebook page for the alter ego of George Michael, a certain "George Maharis." The fan-made app cleverly reflects the musical one George Michael and P-Hound are actually designing, with all the features (changing wood grain and hole diameter) they promise in the show.