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Disneyland has been adult supervision-optional for almost 60 years; that ends Saturday

Photo by Tom Bricker via Flickr Creative Commons

Turns out the reason Disneyland sometimes feels like the most crowded daycare on Earth is because it has operated for almost six decades without an age policy requiring adult supervision.

All that changes Saturday, however, when a new rule goes into effect. Beginning March 23, entrants will have to be a whopping 14 years old to enter the park alone.

It still sounds young, but Snow White was only 14 and she lived with seven strange men before getting married to a prince who fell in love with her corpse that he found in the forest. Feel better? Speaking of uncomfortable, last year Disneyland employees were permitted to grow beards.  

Suzi Brown, a spokeswoman for Disneyland,  said the change was not prompted by any issue or incident. Other parks had varying policies, she said. "We wanted to make (the policies) consistent...[We] identified an opportunity to provide a consistent age of admission and address a question we occasionally get from parents.''

The Orange County Register reports on enforcement:

Since most children under 14 do not have government-issued identification card the policy won't be enforced by ID checking. Employees will approach those who look young, and if the children are under 14, they will contact a parent or guardian.

Bottom line: Starting Saturday, children younger than 14 will need to be accompanied by someone 14 or older if they want to get in to Disneyland. The policy doesn't say to be careful and not to talk to strangers and to use the buddy system, but we're throwing it in there for good measure.