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Echo Park homecoming for 'Lady of the Lake' statue

Echo Park's
Echo Park's "Lady of the Lake" (Queen of the Angels)
Photo by donielle via Flickr Creative Commons
Echo Park's
Echo Park's "Lady of the Lake" (Queen of the Angels)
Photo by victoriabernal via Flickr Creative Commons

The Lady of the Lake is back and bundled for brrr weather.

Intel from Echo Park reveals that the Lady of the Lake — an Art Deco statue and local fixture since the 1930s — was returned Monday morning after being removed as part of the Echo Park Lake rehabilitation project.

The Eastsider LA reported the statue's return to her original peninsula location  on the north end of the lake and revisited previous relocation efforts:

After the Lady of the Lake was restored in the late 1990s, the statue had to be located to a less prominent spot on the east side of the lake since a pump house had taken its place.

Echo Park Patch also noted the statue's comeback, tackling the stone woman's blue tarp wardrobe and getting a bit personal:

She wears a coverup when she arrives Monday at Echo Park Lake...We're working on finding out when that might come off.

The "Lady" — whose official name is "Nuestra Reina de Los Angeles" (Queen of the Angels) — was most recently removed during the draining and cleaning portion of the multi-million dollar lake rehab that includes development of a wetland

Historic Echo Park recalls the last time the statue took a timeout from her kingdom:

[T]he statue, damaged and suffering from neglect was removed from public display in 1986 and put in storage, where it languished until it was restored and returned to public view in May 1999. It was rededicated on Oct. 10, 1999.