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Voter fraud found in June Vernon election, could change winner

File photo: City of Vernon
File photo: City of Vernon
Eric Zassenhaus/KPCC

Hearing officer Debra Yang concluded Monday that voter fraud occurred during the June city council election in Vernon, the Los Angeles Times reports. If the City Council approves the decision, it would tilt the race from Reno Bellamy to Luz Martinez, who had been trailing 34 votes to 30.

Yang threw out seven of the 64 ballots that were cast and declared a new winner. That's out of Vernon's total population of 112.

Five of the voters weren't residents of the city, according to Yang, while two others didn't properly mail in their ballots.

Bellamy called the process "bogus" and said he was considering further legal action, the Times reports. "The [city government] shouldn’t have any say in who wins — that’s more corrupt than the old Chicago mob."