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LA vegan attempts to change In-N-Out's unchanged menu

In N Out employees cooking up burgers on the grill at the Westwood location.
In N Out employees cooking up burgers on the grill at the Westwood location.
Tony Pierce / KPCC

The adage says, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and judging from the long lines that stretch out from nearly every one of the Califonia-based In-N-Out restaurants, there's nothing broken.

But local vegan Ari Solomon would like to fix that. 

He would like the wildly successful hamburger chain, that hasn't changed its official menu since 1948, to offer a veggie burger. Nearly 3,000 people have agreed with him. 

Last week the New Jersey native (whose faint accent gives him away) went to and started a petition to influence the burger joint to expand their offerings, and within ten days got over 2,800 electronic signatures.

"I think a veggie burger would be a natural progression for them as a restaurant," Solomon told KPCC via telephone. "It's the 21st century. So many people are looking for ways to make healthier choices in regards to what they eat," Solomon said, noting that the chain should also consider the menu change because it's better for the enviornment.

Before Solomon was a vegan, In-N-Out was his "spot". But then one day, six years ago, while watching "The View", he saw Rosie O'Donnell interview Alicia Silverstone and the young actress explained that she became a vegan because she loved her pets and wouldn't ever considering eating them. She wondered why should she eat other animals.

Although the Aha moment lead to Solomon's lifestyle change, it ended his relationship with his favorite restaurant because as a vegan he couldn't even order the Grilled Cheese sandwich off the In-N-Out secret menu.

Often cost is the reason many businesses don't make changes. However Solomon says he would be willing to pay $6 for a veggie burger which is almost double the price of a Double Double.

In-N-Out had no official statement about the petition but said they have made changes to what they offer and directed us to the Not So Secret Menu where the Grilled Cheese resides.

What if the chain made a compromise and simply had the option of making vegan grilled cheese using a non-dairy based cheese?

"If they offered something else that would be awesome," Solomon conceeded, "but I kind of have my heart set on a vegan veggie burger from In-N-Out. I think that would be incredible."