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Shrooming comedian gets on 'The Price is Right', wins chocolate ring

Josh Androsky at the KPCC studios in Pasadena on August 23, 2012
Josh Androsky at the KPCC studios in Pasadena on August 23, 2012
Tony Pierce / KPCC

Josh Androsky and 19 of his pals were celebrating a friend's birthday last April in Hollywood. As part of their festivities they decided to have a modified Easter Egg Hunt and take a Cadillac limo to "The Price is Right." The plastic eggs, you see, were filled with mind-altering mushrooms.

Like in a scene out of an illicit R-rated movie, Androsky, sporting a Dolly Parton T-shirt and a black hat labelled "Big Poppa," actually made it on the show, winning a prize and spinning the famous giant wheel.

All while he was high on psilocybin shrooms. And buzzed from alcohol and marijuana. 

Androsky visited KPCC's studios on Thursday, a day when the YouTube video of his trip to the CBS game show has made its way on Reddit, Gawker, LAist and other sites around the web. It was here that the hard-hitting questions were asked.

KPCC: What sort of drugs were in the Easter eggs?

Androsky: Only mushrooms. ... There was no meth egg.

KPCC: You seemed kind of together in the video.

Androsky: Yeah, I have done a lot of mushrooms. I think it might be the adreneline from being there and being on TV, it sort of clears your brain.

KPCC: So, from the time that you first opened up your first Easter egg and ate some mushrooms to the time you ended up in front of Drew Carey, about how many hours was that?

Androsky: I would say six. A mushroom trip is generally 6-8 hours. Luckily, we snuck some in line... and my good friend brought Loli-Pots. A lolipop full of weed. The Loli-Pot was really kicking in around The Wheel.

KPCC: The Loli-Pot was stronger than the shrooms?

Androsky: Well, the shrooms were much stronger when we were in line. During the pre-interview — that's when the shrooms were really kicking in. [Everybody] sorta just melded everything into a McFlurry of absolute debauchery.

KPCC: Drew Carey, the new host, seemed to really like you. He not only liked you and your hat, but he seemed to love the way that you were betting.

Androsky: I'm kind of an ass and I'd made a promise that if I was gonna bet I was gonna bet a dollar and it just so worked out that I was the very first person to bid. And so, coming out of the gate: "One dollar."

KPCC:  Which is bad technique because the next guy could just bid $2—

Androsky: Yeah, but he didn't! He bet $699! It's like "bid $2, I set you up for a $2 bid!" But none of them did it. I think they were all kind of afraid of me.

KPCC: So, you win!

Androsky: Yes, I won the chocolate diamond ring. Which is the tackiest, grossest ring.

KPCC:  Retail value of?

Androsky: They say $700. But I'm gonna pawn it for $300 and be very happy.

After succeeding on Contestant Row with his $1 bids, the drugged-out Androsky made it to the stage but failed at the price game (apparently a trip to a free Atlanta music festival goes for thousands of dollars).

But his day was not over... He still got to spin the wheel.

"The wheel is so much bigger than on TV," he recalled. "I can't be that jerk who can't spin the wheel all the way around. I'll never get a date again. So I'm taking every good vibe from the studio that I can, and I spin that wheel with everything I've got. I worked harder on that wheel than I ever have a day in my life. And that wheel goes around like 9 times and I'm all 'Ha! Shows you, dad!'"

"And it goes around and around and I'm basking in this moment. And that's when Drew sticks the mic in my face and he's like, 'Is there anyone you want to say hi to?'" Androsky continued.

By his own admission, Androsky then went on to say "the highest thing ever said on television": "Yeah, I want to say hi to everybody who loves music."

Although the show aired in the spring, it re-ran this week. And, after it caught fire on Facebook and Reddit, Androsky is the web's viral star of the day — a fact that he cherishes.

"The absolute best part of this experience is that I've had countless — maybe 1,000 comments — on Reddit alone, and tweets, and Facebook messages, and all that. And I've gotten exactly one negative comment. From the Internet," he stressed. That's incredible!"