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Apparent road-rage fight on I-5 caught on video: California Highway Patrol looking for witnesses

Los Angeles, notorious for road rage and amateur videography, has brought the two together in a graphic video filmed on the I-5. The video that was released Tuesday by LiveLeak shows an apparent road-rage incident, turned fight, turned beating. (It was originally posted on YouTube, but that clip has been taken down.) 

California Highway Patrol say they've determined the incident happened June 12 around 3:30 p.m. on the northbound 1-5 just south of Seventh Street. Someone called 911 to report the incident, and first-responders arrived within two minutes, but everyone had fled the scene, including the man who was apparently beaten. CHP became aware of the video late Monday when media outlets started calling, asking questions about the incident depicted. CHP then opened an investigation.

On Wednesday, NBCLA identified the man in the red shirt as Jerry Patterson. Patterson told the outlet that the three men in the video tailed him after he accidentally cut in front of them, and the fight started after the cars were caught in traffic. 

CHP will not confirm that Patterson is the man in the video. Officer Chris Baldonado said CHP investigators have spoken with one of the men involved, but would not say which. No arrests have been made. Baldonado said it's hard to tell from the video who's at fault, which of the men, if any, is the victim, or what even happenend. 

CHP is still looking for witnesses, including the cameraman. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Central CHP office at 213-744-2331 and ask for Officer Payton.

Multiple outlets have also interviewed video footage experts to determine whether the video is real, or if it was somehow staged. The results are mixed. KABC's expert, David Notowitz, says real, citing the movement of the cell phone camera and relections on the car window. KCBS interviewed an expert who doubted the video's authenticity. (Warning: The video below is graphic.)