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Lungs found on sidewalk near Compton not human

An x-ray of a human chest.
An x-ray of a human chest.
Photo by Yale Rosen via Flickr Creative Commons

The mysterious pair of disembodied lungs that were discovered Sunday on a sidewalk in the Compton area have been determined not human.

Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles  county coroner's office determined Tuesday that the organs were "of animal origin."

When asked to speculate on how the animal lungs wound up on the 13100 block of Avalon Boulevard in an unicoporated area in LA County near Compton, Lt. Fred Corral told KPCC, "sometimes we see this when people are cooking or they skin an animal after hunting and they don’t properly dispose of the organs.” 

The coronor's office says they don't know what species of animal the lungs were. They plan on disposing of the materials soon.