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North Hills mystery: Who killed Mack, the family dog, in a bathtub full of scalding water?

This puppy is not Mack -- but looks a little like him.
This puppy is not Mack -- but looks a little like him.

A North Hills family believes someone broke into their home and viciously killed their puppy in a tub of scalding water.

According to KTLA, North Hills resident Eva Jaspers called police at around 2 p.m. Tuesday to report that one of her daughters found the family dog -- a black lab-shepherd puppy named Mack -- dead in the bathtub.

Jaspers’ daughter came home to find the front door of their apartment open, according to KTLA’s report, and actually burned herself retrieving the dog from the water.

The dog was never a problem, never noisy or a nuisance, Jaspers said. Police are treating the investigation as a felony animal cruelty case.

To see a picture of Mack -- who looks to be a very young puppy with a black coat and white belly -- see the KTLA story.