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The Noodle strikes: LAFD firefighter charged with workers comp fraud


The double life of Raphael Davis, a.k.a. “Noodle,” finally seems to have caught up to him.

Davis, 35, is a Los Angeles city firefighter by trade. And apparently, when he isn’t fighting fires, he fights opponents in the ring as a mixed martial arts athlete known as “Noodle.” (Not a very tough-sounding name, but there it is.)

But prosecutors say Davis was filing workers compensation insurance claims with the LAFD while still fighting bouts in the ring -- indicating that he wasn’t so injured after all.

He was arrested this morning at his Lomita home without incident, according to the District Attorney’s Office, and is being charged with four felony counts of insurance fraud. Davis could face five years in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors say he filed claims between Dec. 2, 2008 and May 20, 2011 -- even as he pounded on the likes of “Kryptonite” and “The Hardcore Kid.”

A writer for Rant Sports reports that Davis fought in seven sanctioned bouts, going 6-1, while still claiming disability. As he put it, “when you are on worker’s compensation for an injury suffered during your ‘day job’ as a firefighter, entering the octagon may not be the brightest idea.”

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is fought in an eight-sided ring, and allows punching, kicking, tackling, etc. Here’s a video of Davis in action.